All of us have strong emotions for something that we do or would like to do but frequently those feelings get buried in our need to survive to provided for our families. Embracing that passion and following your dreams is hard but is what makes life beautiful and truly meaningful.

Creating has always made me happy, it gives me peace and a sense of fullness that I can't often explain. It's because of this feelings that I decided to put my fears aside and pursue my happiness. Jobless, humble and full of  hope I bring to you my ideas and my heart in this beautiful thing that I named monsters&culture.(now Billiva)

Our beliefs and customs makes us unique and is this mix of flavors that makes life so rich and interesting. Billiva apparel is full of colors and distinct designs that will resonate with you.

My intentions are to bring you amazing designs, great value, quality, awesome costumer service and lots of colors.

Appreciation, loyalty and a lot of love are my promises for you.




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